Best Color: Italian make up

Who we are and what are our principles

Best Color is a company of Italian make-up with a consolidated experience, which for over 20 years plans, produces and markets exclusively avant-garde, high quality, safe and fair price make-up products, suitable to meet the needs of women of all ages.
Best Color is cruelty free, we do not test or let us test on animals the finished product, nor do we use ingredients derived from animal experimentation.
This is thanks to the careful selection of ingredients respecting nature and the environment.
Furthermore, the brand has obtained marketing approvals over the years also in the markets:
- EC-EUROPE approval for the market and European legislation
- FDA-US approval for the market and American legislation
- JAPAN approval for the market and Japanese legislation
to guarantee the quality and reliability of its products.



Make up Best Color: Our products

Best Color is an Italian brand that offers a range of products that can represent you with every change you look. The application of the products is simple and immediate thanks to an innovative packaging design studied for each type of product.

Thanks to twenty years of experience, Best Color professionals take care of you, guaranteeing every desire: color, reliability and quality / price ratio.

Offers a wide range of 5 product classes - face tricks, eye tricks, lip tricks, hands tricks, tricks accessories- with latest generation formulas, constant quality control on tricks and with a sober and elegant packaging; each class offers a wide variety of assortment by composition, sizes and colors available.


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